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Extermination of peoples and Deconspiration of New mondial order governamet depopulation plan ! (2017 ) (All rights reserved

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I'm Cristiano

I just want to make you aware about couple of things wich are dailly affecting your life and change its course in the worse you think. That happent and it will if we don`t going to do something to stop it for rest of our days till most of us will die. I dont know if you hired about but since 2014 an new mutation had place all over the world and that are named "New Mondial Order" wich got as target to control and kill billion of peoples (they think we are so manny ) in the best way they can. Since this order has started lots of peoples are keep diappearing, getting ill, die, are suffering by PARANOIA, headaches, cant see properly in sunlight, cant think logical for temporary while of times (and are ripped off by who knows about i markets, streets etc..), "aparent by no reason"...

Q: And where all of this come from ?

A: The "Illuminated" Governament Of each country of entire world are working hard to put drugs or substances in our food wich we work hard to get money to buy it, and other ways thats not all, they also use helicopters and air-planes to drop drugs as powder over us on the bussy hours of the day right in the city centre ! ...

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Are you surprised ?

You shouldn`t be, maybe you was manny times walking peacefully on the street when your moth became dry, you get paranoid by "no reason" , get dizzy as drunk, can`t put two words toghetter, you get back from shopping with only 10% of your shoppings (you just been ripped off by your local sale assistant worker, no warry)

It will continue soon, i am sory but i need to go in to an internet caffe, if you want to help please use the donate button from above or get in touch with me clicking #Cristiano (blue button above) , my financial situation its nearly zero, so eny support could help. My name its Cristian ... (for security reasons ) , i am living in Derby, Derbyshire, United Kindom (England)



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